“Do you hear the humans sing, singing the tune of indignant guys?” – a quotation taken from the film, les miserableness. This novel by using victor Hugo grew to become musical drama movie is about within the nineteenth century France, a country divided by way of social hierarchy. Brilliant tension among the clergy, nobility and the peasants is clear at some stage in the movie. The friction kindled the minds of the schoolboys to start the french revolution. However, become the democracy they died for really worth combating for?

Jean val jean is convicted for stealing a loaf of bread. Given a chance to emerge as a righteous guy, he breaks his parole and lives a new lifestyles because the mayor of Montreal, monsieur Madeleine. From a lifestyles as a peasant, he will become part of the the Aristocracy. He crossed paths with fanzine, a employee turned prostitute due to detrimental occasions. Jean val jean takes her daughter, cosette, into his custody after fanzine’s demise. Police inspector javert changed into in pursuit of the escaped jean val jean and cosette presently. The younger cosette falls for Marius pontmercy, a lad a part of a progressive faculty membership. The schoolboys are at the peak in their plan to exchange France via a revolution. The french revolution ensues. The people of the 1/3 nation sing along the schoolboys, making a song their angry track in opposition to the monarch, but step by step they retreat fearful of being killed at some stage in the bloodshed. Ay the stop of the revolution, they had been cornered by means of the civil guards and the revolution that when dreamy alternate ended all in useless.

Visitors may also anticipate the sparking Revolution to achieve success to change france the wrong way up, as it changed into at some point of the early 1800’s lead via napoleon Bonaparte, however it became out on the opposite, a bloody and fruitless revolution. Why did Hugo carry emphasis to this occasion? This simplest indicates that the angry songs of the peasants and bourgeoisie became unheard and not noted. The decrease class changed into afraid of the higher class, alongside the monarchy that included them dearly. This event also reoccurred when fantine, a prostitute, become harassed with the aid of a noble guy. Javert took the false testimony of the noble guy instead of her honest protest. The unequal remedy delivered excessive indulgence to the prosperous but excessive torment to the lower elegance. The poor ones are categorized as criminals and the rich enjoy freedom in their uncleanliness. The meager people of france and the schoolboys are certainly the terrible ones, for that reason les miserableness. The french revolution of the past due 1700’s added radical exchange to the state’s device. It brought the overthrow of the monarch, and with this, the overthrow of inequality. Even though democracy does no longer carry out the true essence of equality in itself, the mere reality that it delivered the oppression of the poor into stumbles changed into enough proof that the schoolboys died for something really worth fighting for. The people’s tune was heard at closing, the voice of the indignant men.

As a viewer, i have loved the film les miserableness. It did not only deliver first-rate cinematography and musicality but it rekindled my appreciation for the freedom and democracy that the Philippine republic has. It also made me rethink my virtues on prejudices and discrimination. It brought clean information of respecting others and giving them rightful treatment for me, as an person. I advocate this film for each person with high-quality hobby within the world’s records that also brings a new experience of wondering. Simply as how i have, might you furthermore may like to hear the song of angry men?

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